X. Castellon, V. Bogdanova, J.C. Charniot

Method: QIMT by Radio frequency.Method of the examination used is in conformity with the IMT protocol of Mannheim standarts of normal values according to age, measurements of IMT based on the radio frequency. This study has been done with 150 patients(100 men and 50 women),aged between 45 and 60 years,having cardiovascular risk factors dyslipidemy,standard diabetes II noncomplicated, hypertension and tobacco).All patients having atheroma plaque located in the carotids have been excluded from the study.

Results: 0,3% of the group of men and 0,1% women had resulted pathological (≥with 900 micrometers).

Conclusion: The QIMT technique of exploration of an early detection pre clinic evolution of atheroma plaque is easy, specicific, chip, and reproducible to use a routine of preventive cardiology.It enables us to calculate in real- time the thickness intima media in a few minutes, making the results reliable with a sensitivity of 95% and one specificity of 94%.

Comments: The QIMT can be used as a method of exploration complementary to the endothelial function,associates to others high-risk markers(biological:Homocysteine, Willebrand,Micro albuminuria and Markers of Oxydative Stress:plasmatic rates of the vitamins C, α-Tocopherol, γ- Tocopherol,α -Carotene,Lipidic peroxides,Oxidized- LDL, oxidized Antibodies LDL,OLIGO-ELEMENTS:Selenium,Copper, Zinc,Cu/Zn report/ratio)rate of plasmatic proteins: Proteins thiols) and with VIF (vasodilatation by intermediary of flow) on located in the brachial artery.

Keywords (Optional): 
QIMT: calculation thickness of intima media
RF: radio frequency
IMT: thickness intima media
VIF: vasodilatation