W. Pawluk

At the cellular level aging is a process of declining capacity for repair of cell injury. With aging there is cumulative, unrepaired or poorly repaired cell injury. This is “death by a 1000 cuts.” Cell injury results when cells can no longer adapt to stress, have unrecoverable exposure to damaging agents or suffer from intrinsic abnormalities, whether genetic or nutrient-based. Cell injury can progress from milder reversible states through more severe irreversible conditions leading to tissue and or organ failure of varying degrees, and finally senescent death. Promoting longevity requires intervention of the underlying causal conditions of cell injury where possible and facilitating cell recovery and repair at the earliest stages of cell injury. In the stages of reversible injury there is reduced oxidative phosphorylation with depletion of ATP, cellular edema caused by changes in ion and water flows, mitochondrial and cytoskeleton alterations and DNA damage. In the ideal situation, ongoing health maintenance, including mitigating known causal circumstances, and also proactive use of low intensity, low frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), is predicted to improve the slope of aging by reducing and/or reversing various degrees of cell injury. PEMFs are known to pass uninhibited through the body, while inducing charge in cells and tissues, consequently affecting biochemical and physiologic processes in the direction of reducing cell injury, and therefore aging. The biologic benefits of PEMFs are mediated through improvements in various physiologic processes including production of nitric oxide, pain and inflammation reduction, improved circulation, enhanced cellular membrane function and metabolism, communication and replication and growth and repair. It will be demonstrated that PEMFs applied clinically and for personal health maintenance can reverse many of the components of cell injury and improve longevity. Additionally the presentation will focus of the many different ways that PEMFs improve biochemical activity at the cellular level and allow nutrients and other life extending chemistry in the body to migrate more freely to be more functionally useful. Low intensity, low frequency PEMFs should be considered part of a comprehensive program to reduce suffering and enhance higher quality longevity.

Keywords (Optional): 
Cell injury
Pulsed electromagnetic fields
Charge induction
Enhancing longevity
Cell recovery and repair