S. Riga, D. Riga, F. Schneider

Antagonic-Stress® (AS) drug represents an original concept and a therapeutical strategy in the management of stress, aging and related diseases (1). AS homeostatic-regenerative actions have been confirmed by multiple and comparative, independent and AS authors' researches in preclinical - animal studies (previous paper in this congress) and also in multi-center clinical - human trials (2,3).

The advanced process for AS manufacturing ensures the pharmaceutical stability, maximum bioavailability and therapeutic efficiency with the prolongation of its effects. The active substances with synergistic actions were designed and distributed into complementary compositions and capsules, in two pharmaceutical units: gastrosoluble and enterosoluble.

The minimal active dose/daily (2 gastro- and 1 entero-soluble capsules) is used for a long term administration (prophylactic anti-stress and prolongevity). The therapeutical and/or recovery necessary/daily, as a function of the disease (nature and seriousness), is represented by 2-4 times of the minimal active dose.

The efficacy of the AS therapy was demonstrated in accord with the international guidelines (ICD-10, Ch. V(F), WHO, Geneva, 1992 and DSM-IV, APA, USA, 1994) in:

- neurotic and stress-related disorders (F43 reaction to severe stress and adjustment disorders, F48.0 neurasthenia);

- mood (affective) disorders (F32 depressive episode, F33 recurrent depressive disorder);

- behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors (F52 sexual dysfunction, not caused by organic disorder or disease);

- mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use (F10 alcohol, F13 sedative or hypnotics, F15 other stimulants, including caffeine, F17 tobacco/nicotine);

- organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders - OMD (F00 Alzheimer dementia, F01 vascular dementia, F04 organic amnestic syndrome, F06 OMD due to brain damage and dysfunction and to physical disease).

By its concomitant homeostatic - adaptogenic actions in three vital centers of the human being (liver, heart and brain) AS drug can be utilized moreover as metabolic - vasoactive - regenerative therapies in liver, heart, circulatory and brain diseases.

1. Riga, D., Riga, S. (1998 - 2003). Patents of the Antagonic-Stress® drug: Eur. Pat., USA, Canada, Russia, China, Korea and Australia Pats., and pending in Brazil and Japan.

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prolongevity medicine
anti-stress and anti-aging drug
clinical studies