E.Y. Haveri, A. Xhikneli

To help older people in our country, the Albanian Association Gerontology-Geriatrics (A.A.G.G.) was established in October 1991. The Association represents Albania in the International Gerontology (I.A.G.) and in the other European and World organizations that advocate for problems of "third age". During this period, the Association has organised many activities for its members and the public at large. The tradition in Albania is that responsibility for parents' care lay firmly sons, while married daughters look afer their frail parents. In our country home care services for older people living alone have been introduced. They are six: two in Tirana and others in Shkodra, Kavaja,Gjirokastra, Fier. Our Association helps and monitors their activity. As of 1 April 2001 the population of Albania is 3087159 persons of whom 1539080 are males and 1547079 are females. Urban population is 42% while 58% is rural. The number of males and females is almost equal for country as a whole. There are 995 men for 1000 women-migration again being obviously the principal factor for such disproportin. As know older people has 10% of total population whithin the age-groups there are 84 years, where a very small percentage is of 100 years old people. This is fourth age. Main task of state is to increase more care for them. The same thing must do the NGO-s, especially them are working with and for older people. In this aspect ALBANIAN ASSOCIATION GERONTOLOGY-GERIATRICS (A.A.G.G.) have to be in front of all, because possibilities exist for this thing.A.A.G.G. is established to help the older people in ALBANIA. Idea of my late dear father Dr.Ymer Haveri M.D. in this direction is put forward resolve.

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