A.N. Kharlamov, A.N. Perrish, S.A. Matveev, J.L. Gabinsky

Background. Some modern angioplasty techniques generally just manipulate the form of the plaque and have some clinical and technical restrictions, relatively high complication rate and restenosis risk. Methods. A total of 101 Yucatan miniature swines were assigned to the three groups (34 pigs into 60/15-70/40 nm silica-gold nanoparticles (NPs) nanogroup, 34 swines – into ferro-magnetic group with 100 nm iron-bearing NPs with delivery in hand of magnetic fields, and 33 - in sirolimus stenting control). Animals in nanogroup were split up to 4 subsets by delivery approach: (1) infused circulating progenitor cells, (2) with infused ultrasound-mediated albumin-coated gas-filled microbubbles, (3) CD73+105+ progenitor cells in the composition of bioengineered on-artery patch, (4) CD73+CD105+ progenitor cells transplanted by manual subadventitial injection. We have used a modified method for the preparation of NPs as described by Lee (2008) and Deng H (2005). Studied proximal left anterior descending arteries were observed by 30 MHz intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Results. A change of the PV (mm3) immediately after the laser irradiation/ in 6 months in groups were -28.9/ -56.8%, -30.8/ -59.1% and 0/ +4.3% (p

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mesenchymal stem cells