Understanding Aging: Biomedical and Bioengineering Approaches

The scientific conference "Understanding Aging: Biomedical and Bioengineering Approaches" (UABBA) took place at the University of California, Los Angeles from 28-29 June 2008. The event was hosted by the Methuselah Foundation and co-organised by Drs. Aubrey de Grey, Irina Conboy and Amy Wagers. It followed immediately after the free public symposium "Aging: the Disease, the Cure, the Implications" (ADCI).

Similarly to the SENS conference series the meeting comprised invited talks as well as selected oral and poster presentations, and ran with no concurrent sessions to encourage interdisciplinary discovery and collaboration.

Speakers included Ana Maria Cuervo, co-director of the Einstein Institute for Aging Research; Buck Institute for Research on Aging genetics professor Jan Vijg; and Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Chief of the Division of the Biology of Aging at the University of Florida.

Click here to review abstracts of the presentations given at UABBA.



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