T. Collura, B. Steffert, T. Steffert

While molecular and cellular strategies have a vital place in regenerative medicine to prevent the accumulating damage of aging bodies, the most important frontier is the mind, which prevails over the physical, external boundaries that confront humans. This paper describes a technique to prolong the neurological pathways in the brain that have executive control over all body processes. Operant learning of the brain with Neurofeedback has had demonstrated success in many psychological areas and this paper will describe physiological and behavioral results from single-subject studies, and a controlled study.

These results suggest that Neurofeedback should be an essential component in any anti-aging programme. Neurofeedback is direct operant training of electrical activity in the brain (EEG). Brainwaves are recorded in action from moment to moment and that information reflected back to the person undergoing the training. The brain is rewarded for changing its own activity to more efficient patterns. This is a gradual learning process in self-regulation. The Neurofeedback system used is this research study is optimized for EEG activation and connectivity training. Based on analog and digital techniques, it provides fast and accurate feedback of all EEG variables including amplitude, phase, frequency, coherence, asymmetry, and other component values. The technique will be demonstrated at the conference by qEEG.

Keywords (Optional): 
Aging Brain