V.V. Burdyuzha

Scientists worry state of our planet or more exactly they worry threats of life on the Earth. Global cataclysms took place in the past but then technological development did not allow to prevent these catastrophes. Other situation on our planet occurs now. Probably we can prevent local threats but we depend on the Sun in forward alternatively. Local threats are ecological, climatic, geodesic ones. The first and main threat is global warming in the result that greenhouse effect may develop. Excretion of oceanic methanhydrates can break thermal balance and if we will have gone a bifurcation point then green house effect is inevitable (it may be during nearest decades). First of all we propose four global positions: 1) scientists must take responsibility for fate of our Civilization; 2) we must adopt a long term approach and switch into psychological consumption of lasting life on the Earth; 3) ideology of agreement must be worked out between countries for cooperation in safeguarding of security of life on the Earth; 4) we must create the “Fund” for organization of the Center on protection of life as a prompt measure. The basic directions of our efforts: 1) a ecological equilibrium search on the planet of Earth (M.Bounias department); 2) ideology of agreement (G.Khozin department); 3) to prevent climate change; 4) defense of the atmosphere ozone layer from disaster; 5) conservation of biodiversity; 6) defense of forests and them resurrection; 7) solving problems of World Ocean; 8) struggle with desertification; 9) defense of the nature reservations; 10) to provide safe burial of chemical and nuclear weapon; 11) ecology of man; 12) to create a human rehabilitation department (N.Amosov`s centre); 13) investigations of cancer genesis and rejuvenation; Our nearest goals: 1) to help to serious sick children (abroad operations); 2 to save "Dead sea"; 3) to find processes decreasing of ozone holes and to realize their; 4) to learn predicting of Earthquakes; 5) the problem of Gulfstream slowdown and local climate changes.

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