E. Savitskaya, M. Batin, M. Konovalenko, A. Moskalev

Traditionally evaluation of age-related changes is performed by physiological, functional and psychological tests, by visual examination and some biochemical analyses. There is a big gap between the molecular data of aging and their implementation in practice mainly because aging data is scarce and it gets lost in the stream of bio-medical knowledge. As we know only a few databases exist that concern the molecular aspects of aging and none of them describes age-related changes and phenotype context like cell type or tissues. We propose creation of an open web-based Integrated Information System on Aging Biomarkers. The goals of the System: 1. Systematization of data on age-related changes happening on various levels of organization in humans and model animals 2. Systematization of experimantal data on interventions in aging processes in model animals 3. Integration of clinical data on the impact of various interventions on aging processes in patients 4. Creation of a basis for modeling of aging processes, therapeutic interventions and their impact on patients’ health and longevity

Keywords (Optional): 
Biomarkers of aging
Systems Biology