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The retrospective research of death rate of the population of some Western Europe countries -Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany - FRG, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium-, as well as of the USA and Australia, considering the periods of 19-th and 20-th centuries was carried out. The choice of the countries and historical depth of research of the population death rate were generally conditioned by the presence of national demographic statistical databases of necessary volume and quality. The analysis of age dependence of death rate of people carried out according to the original methodic, has allowed to isolate a natural component of death rate and to calculate its parameters (Gompertz ratios).

In the result, the fact of the existence of the synchronous fluctuations of natural death rate of the population, coordinated with the variations of carbon - 14С concentration in the atmosphere was established for all the studied countries. The statistically established reliable correlation (р

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the radioactive carbon
natural death rate