V.E. Chernilevsky

Purpose: On a basis of the general biological approach to a problem of aging the prospects of life prolongation of the man are studied. Materials and methods:. The comparative analysis of aging of organisms of various systematic groups has been carried. Results: The aging is a decrease of viability organism owing to delay of self-renovation of cells, organs and tissues. The self-renovation - basic property alive, is provided at the expense of system stem cells (SC) during all life. In morphogenesis before puberty the aging are not manifested owing to prevalence self-renovation above apoptosis of cells. The sexual development of organism is necessary for maturation of sex cells. In mammalia it begins in a stage gastrula with separation of sex and somatic cells owing to presence germ plasma (GP) in cytoplasm of zygote and blastomeres. Further GP is present at sex cells and is found out in some SC. In somatic cells GP is absent, the self-renovation them is reduced, but SC fill their destruction. After puberty the proliferation of cells is slowed down, the self-renovation them is reduced, but not at the expense of the internal reasons, and owing to aging of organism. SC have no the internal reason aging and continue to fill in destruction of cells, but it is less effective, since they begin actively to participate in reproductive function of organism, reducing functions of renovation of other tissues. It is especially shown at organisms with unitary sexual reproduction. Under influence of changed micro-environment SC in the aged organism the functions of SC are changed. The prolongation of life is possible at influence on aging of organism.The known ways delay of aging (starvation, cooling of a body, long dream, antioxydants etc.) are effective at decrease of metabolism, i.e. at organisms with labile metabolism (mouse, rats), but not at the man. The specified influences are the components of hypobiosis at heterothermic mammals. In this state at them are sharply slowed down an metabolism and aging irrespective of it reasons and mechanisms, a reduction of weight of organs and "unpacking" SC are occured. After hypobiosis the self-renovation of animals for account of SC is observed, which can be strengthened by activation of system SC. Thus life span of many species of animals is prolonged in some times. Conclusion: At the man the elements hypometabolism are shown poorly, but with the help of special trainings it is possible to lower the basic and it can be used for life span prolongation of the man.

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Life span prolongation