L.M. Belozerova

The decrease of organism adaptive possibilities in aging is best reflected in reduction of mental and physical working capacity.

The aim of the research is to comparative analysis of three biological age determination methods by mental, physical and both kinds of working capacity and measurement of sex differences in age changes rate.

The complex investigation of mental working capacity (short memory, psychic productivity, thinking and attention) and physical working capacity (submaximal physical working capacity, submaximal physical working capacity per kg of the body mass; heat rate, systolic and diastolic arterial pressure at the load height) have been performed in 351 persons of the young, mature, elderly and old age. Biological age has been determined by means of multiple linear regression models.

All the equations of the model had significant coefficients of multiple correlation with chronological age to evidence sufficiency of aging information included into the developed models of biological age.

The main criterion of biological age determination methods the accuracy is the value of multiple correlation coefficient between the chronological age and regression equation. By mental working capacity in women it was 0,83, in man - 0,77; by physical working capacity - 0,92 and 0,90; by both kinds of working capacity - 0,93 and 0,91 accordingly. By accuracy in calculations of biological age the methods had the following distribution: by both kinds of working capacity, physical working capacity, mental working capacity. Women in all methods had higher indices that demonstrate greater conjugation between age changes working capacity and chronological age in women in comparison with men.

To compare the leading tendency of age changes rate we use square coefficients multiple correlation ratio as to one year of chronological age corresponds R² of biological age. In such approach the ratio R² women: R² men shows in how many times age changes rate in women is more or less than in men. The obtained data indicate ratio by mental working capacity is 1,19, physical one - 1,02, both kinds of working capacity - 1,03.

Summary. The methods of biological age determination by working capacity are the instruments of objective estimation of human beings aging rates; the complex method of biological age determination by both kinds of working capacity being more accurate in comparison with other methods; women brain aging rate is faster than in men, the rate of aging by physical and both kinds of working capacity has no sex differences.

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mental and physical working capacity
biological age