G. Marineo, F. Marotta, G. Sisti

Besides transplantation (OLTx), liver cirrhosis has no valid therapeutic options and a relentless progression with overcoming complication is still a dismal prospective while OLTx waiting lists hugely enlarge. Quite recently, it has been shown that healthy livers undergo and age-related functional decay. Thus, a pilot study was designed with a novel biophysical methodology as a new treatment modality. Such non-invasive technique has as a main principle the "decrease of entropy", which can be artificially obtained through an electromagnetic-driven delivery of "energy clusters". This has been modulated so as to be used by the body and integrated as "self" to support and charge the energy-dependent functional stores thus modifying reparative into regenerative mechanisms of liver parenchyma. We studied 5 HCV+ (Child A-B) cirrhotics with overt symptomatology and portal hypertension who stopped any medication and underwent daily 40min sessions of Delta-S DVD, an entropy-variation system, for six months and followed up monthly. After six months patients showed either a complete (80%) or a partial (20%) regression of fatigue (Fisk score), a complete reversion of depression (Hamilton score), peripheral edema and pruritus. As assessed by independent observers, despite having stopped beta-blockers, F1 varices disappeared (60%) while F2 ones were reduced to F1. Doppler-US aspect of partial (40%) or total (20%) atrophy were either reduced (60%) or reverted to normal (20%) while overt scarring nodules disappeared in 40%. Portal vein respiratory dynamics improved (80%) or normalized (20%). A significant increase of active B lymphocytes and NK cells (mean increase: +71,2% p

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liver cirrhosis