F. Marotta, R. Barreto, H. Tajiri, H. Fuji, E. Fesce

The aim of this study was to test the effect of antioxidants supplementation on enzymatic abnormalities and free radicals-modified DNA adducts associated with pre-malignant changes in the upper gastrointestinal mucosa of elderly patients with longstanding, HP-negative chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG). Sixty patients (mean age: 75, 67-81) with known atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia were selected. All patients underwent a careful nutritional interview and an upper GI endoscopy with multiple biopsy samples in the antrum and processed for histology and for assaying: alpha-tocopherol, MDA, xanthine oxidase (XO), ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity and 8-OHdG. Patients were randomly allocated into 3 matched groups which were supplemented for 6 months with: A) vitamin E 300mg/day; B) Multivitamin preparation 2tabs/day and C) Immun-Age 6g/nocte ( a fermented papaya preparation, ORI, Gifu, Japan). A separate group of 10 dyspeptic patients without remarkable histological abnormalities served as control. Histological and biochemical parameters were repeated at 3 and 6 month, the former being carried out in a blind fashion by one experienced investigator (R.B.). Plasma oxidant/antioxidant status was within normal limits in all groups. CAG patients showed a significantly (p

Keywords (Optional): 
chronic atrophic gastritis
vitamin E