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Abstract Archive

This searchable list includes the abstracts of all presentations given at a conference organised as part of the SENS series. We regret that the videos recorded at SENS3 and SENS4 are currently unavailable.

Specific targeting of therapeutic stem cells for cardiovascular disease

Authors: J.W. Larrick, M. Huang, L. Lum, R. Lee

Stem cell (SC) therapies have enormous potential for regenerative medicine. However, targeting and retention of SC at sites of tissue injury limits the potential of this promising approach. Encouraging results using bispecific monoclonal antibodies (BiMabs) to target adoptively transferred IL-2 activated T cells for therapy of breast and prostate cancer led us to apply this approach to SC therapy. BiMabs were prepared by chemical conjugation of one Mab recognizing an injury antigen, e.g. myosin light chain (MLC) with a second Mab recognizing a shared SC antigen, e.g. CD45.

Keywords: stem cell, therapeutic, myocardial infarction , ,