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Abstract Archive

This searchable list includes the abstracts of all presentations given at a conference organised as part of the SENS series. We regret that the videos recorded at SENS3 and SENS4 are currently unavailable.

Efficacy of cancer vaccines to prevent cancer in the elderly

Authors: C. Gravekamp, F. Castro, S.H. Kim

Age is the single most important risk factor for cancer and every strategy for postponing human senescence ultimately relies on developing efficient ways of eradicating neoplastically transformed cells from the body. Unfortunately, treatment outcomes for most common human cancers have only been incrementally improved over the last decades, which is mainly due to our inability to effectively deal with metastases. Indeed, most cancer patients do not die from the primary tumor, which can be effectively diagnosed and removed, but as a result of metastasis.

Keywords: cancer vaccines, breast cancer, Mage-b, metastases ,