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Abstract Archive

This searchable list includes the abstracts of all presentations given at a conference organised as part of the SENS series. We regret that the videos recorded at SENS3 and SENS4 are currently unavailable.

Engineering a blastema: steps toward regenerating a limb

Authors: D.M. Gardiner, A. Satoh, D. Ferris, G. Graham, S.V. Bryant, E. Rugg

Adult urodeles (salamanders) are unique in their ability to regenerate complex tissues and organs perfectly. Given the conservation of genetic mechanisms among vertebrates, it is likely that the cellular and molecular processes that regulate urodele limb regeneration are shared among all vertebrates. It follows that since we all developed limbs as embryos, we possess the genetic program for re-making a limb (or any other organ) via these regenerative processes.

Keywords: salamander, limb, regeneration, dedifferentiation, blastema