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This searchable list includes the abstracts of all presentations given at a conference organised as part of the SENS series. We regret that the videos recorded at SENS3 and SENS4 are currently unavailable.

From a newly discovered innate anticancer immune response in mice to a new treatment for human cancers

Authors: Z. Cui, I. Molnar, M.C. Willingham, G.J. Pomper, J.R. Stehle, M. Blanks

While most of the research attention has been focused on the question, why cancer occurs in about 25% of humans, a less frequently asked question has been why the other 75% of humans do not get cancer. Cigarette-smoking is a highly reliable way for humans to expose themselves to known carcinogens, causing a 100-fold increase of lung cancer rates from 0.08% in the general population to 8% in smokers. Why do the other 92% of smokers not get cancer? It has long been speculated that there is a cancer surveillance system in humans.

Keywords: cancer, cancer-resistance, cancer therapy, innate immunity, granulocytes