Final Coursework Lectures Filmed

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on September 11, 2012 | SRF Education

The final lectures for the Academic Initiative's open online course were filmed yesterday, on-site at the SENS Foundation Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Our Chief Science Officer, Aubrey de Grey, gave a lecture on MitoSENS, as well as an introductory lecture and a brief concluding piece. A very considerable amount of editing work remains to be done, but once that work is complete and the videos are prepared, we will post them on the Academic Initiative's website. We will also provide course materials that include tests and quizzes. The course will, of course, be completely open -- there will be no charges of any kind, and anyone will be able to watch the videos and download the course materials.

In other news for the Academic Initiative, we still have enough of our 2012 budget left to award at least a couple of materials grants this year. If you have a SENS-related research project that you could complete given about US$2500 of funding, be sure to fill out our grant application