Off-Site Lecture Filming Wraps Soon

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on July 10, 2012 | SRF Education

The Academic Initiative will be done filming the off-site lectures for its online coursework within a month. After that, the Initiative will shoot content at the SENSF Research Center, edit footage, prepare course materials, and prepare our website to accommodate the coursework. In all, we still anticipate that we'll be releasing the coursework by the end of 2012.

We also recently had an opportunity to film some of our interns on-site at the SENS Foundation Research Center, such that we'll have video materials to use to promote our summer internship program next year. We continue to plan on expanding that program, and hope to incorporate another location in addition to the SENS Foundation Research Center and the Buck Institute.

We're also continuing to assemble content that we can use in the next edition of our website. In all, the Initiative's projects are progressing well. When our coursework and future website are in place, we should be prepared to expand the program considerably.