Call for Volunteers

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on March 29, 2012 | SRF Education

Over the last few months, the SENS Foundation Academic Initiative has witnessed a rapid increase in its membership numbers, and in the interest it receives from students across the United States and the world. In order to properly utilize and expand upon this interest, the Initiative will need new volunteers, new ideas, and new projects.

For this reason, the Academic Initiative is seeking additional volunteers to help it fulfill its purpose: specifically, to help the Initiative craft itself into an organization capable of launching a legitimate grassroots youth movement in support of SENS Foundation.

To join us in this mission, you can either fill out our brief online volunteer application or email Daniel Kimbel, the Academic Coordinator, at daniel dot kimbel at sens dot org. If you are interested in being involved, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can use volunteers from nearly any background, if only for their ideas and feedback.