Membership Application

Be sure to complete the online application in its entirety. Pay particular attention to document naming standards. Starred (*) fields must be answered. Failure to answer required fields completely or properly name documents may result in delayed consideration of your application.

When you have successfully completed the online application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, or if you experience any technical issues with the application, please alert the system administrator by submitting a website inquiry.

Contact Information
This information will allow SRF to contact you and conduct an interview.
Academic Information
This information is necessary to evaluate your application.
Scientific Information
This section will help SRF understand your research interests and evaluate your research background. This information will help SRF Education match you with an appropriate project.
Lab Experience
Please indicate the level of skills/experience you possess as accurately as possible by indicating the number of times you have performed the following laboratory procedures.
Coursework Experience
The information gathered in the following list will help SRF Education determine your current level of training in various biological science disciplines. Please indicate the highest level of training you received in the following fields.
Demographics (Optional)
This information would aid future funding of the program. Your individual responses will not be disclosed. The information would only be used to evaluate the program as a whole.
The additional application documents are an opportunity for you to explain your interest in SENS Research Foundation and research background. Except where otherwise stated, you may submit files in PDF, DOC or DOCX format. The maximum size for each file is 1 MB.
Please provide a copy of your most recent transcript in PDF format. An unofficial transcript is sufficient. If possible, please provide a transcript that lists all of your grades including those from the most recent term (semester or quarter). However, a transcript listing all of your grades to date and your currently enrolled coursework is sufficient if final grades are not available at the time of the submission. Please note that this document will ONLY be accepted in PDF format. An unofficial transcript is sufficient. This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Transcript. For example, Greg Chin’s transcript would be called Chin_Greg_Transcript.PDF
Please limit your CV or resume to a maximum of 2 pages. Highlight any prior laboratory or research experience. A brief 1- or 2-line description of your specific contribution to each research project is particularly helpful. For instance, the statement "created the expression construct that allowed us to determine protein localization" quickly clarifies your role in the project. You can delve into the specifics of your research in the scientific statement. The document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_CV. For example, Greg Chin’s CV or resume document would be called Chin_Greg_CV.doc
Explain your interest in SENS Research Foundation, paying particular attention to your understanding of the SENS principles of damage accrual as a cause of and prevention point for age-related diseases. Please limit your personal statement to a maximum of 1 page. This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Personal. For example, Greg Chin’s personal statement document would be called Chin_Greg_Personal.doc
Briefly describe why you’re interested in participating in a literature review and what field of research would interest you the most. Please highlight any prior research or scientific writing experience that you feel would be relevant to a literature review in your field(s) of interest. The scientific statement should not exceed a maximum of 1 page. This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Scientific. For example, Greg Chin’s scientific statement would be called Chin_Greg_Scientific.doc

Letter of Recommendation

You may submit one letter of recommendation. Please name the document as follows: Surname_First Name_LetterRec.PDF. For example, a letter of recommendation for Greg Chin would be called Chin_Greg_LetterRec.PDF

If you have any questions, you may email the SRF Director of Education Greg Chin at