Online Coursework

SENS Research Foundation's student program, SRF Education, is developing open online coursework. Materials for each completed course will appear on this page.
Course Offerings
We are nearly finished with our first course, an introduction describing regenerative medicine and the field of rejuvenation biotechnologies.
SRF Education is investigating the possibility of offering a modified version of this prospective course for credit through universities.
Other Resources
At many universities, science courses are accompanied by laboratory modules. Online courses necessarily lack these lab components. However, students can find useful simulations of bioscience laboratory environments at the following links.
If you would like to start taking open online courses now, you may want to check the 'big three' online coursework sites: Coursera, Udacity, and edX. Students who are searching for online courses may also find the Open Education Database useful. Meanwhile, reviews for online courses can be found at CourseTalk.