SENSFAI Intern Report

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on March 25, 2012 | SRF Education

Peter Schapira, an on-site intern at the SENS Foundation Research Center, has spent the last month working on his own project with funding from a $2400 Academic Initiative grant.

AI Members' Review to be Published

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on March 20, 2012 | SRF Education

A literature review written by Academic Initiative members Adiv Johnson, Kemal Akman, Stuart Calimport, and Daniel Wuttke, with oversight and assistance from two professors who will be listed as co-authors, has been accepted for publication by Rejuvenation Research.

Progress in Coursework, Membership

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on March 01, 2012 | SRF Education

Last month, the Academic Initiative took an early and important step towards the completion of its first online course: we held our first filming, recording a lecture by Dr. Judith Campisi. This will be the first of nine guest lectures we get on video, each of which will be delivered by a well-known and experienced scientist. When we have completed the course, we will make all of the lectures freely available on our website.

Announcing New Summer Internships

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on January 30, 2012 | SRF Education

In the summer of 2012, the Academic Initiative will bring as many as three interns to the SENS Foundation Research Center in Mountain View, California to participate in SENS research for three months. These interns will receive stipends of $2000 per month. If they are not local to the San Francisco Bay Area, they will also receive a credit towards airfare. Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students are all encouraged to apply.

Web Resources

Posted by David Lefkowitz on January 22, 2012 | Web Recon

The goal of the web recon project is to make resources for learning about aging readily available. It is assumed that the target audience will have a wide variation in range of prior knowledge. Therefore, it will include material suitable for novice, intermediate, and advanced students.

Congratulations to our Winter 2011 Scholarship Recipients

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on December 21, 2011 | SRF Education

Each semester, the SENS Foundation Academic Initiative awards merit-based scholarships to a handful of its students and mentors. This round's winners dedicated significant time and energy to the Initiative, helping it to become the best program it can be.

$30,000 in Academic Initiative Grants

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on December 07, 2011 | SRF Education

The SENS Foundation Academic Initiative is pleased to announce that it will be awarding up to $30,000 in materials grants in 2012. These grants are available to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, and may be used to cover the cost of laboratory materials for aging- and rejuvenation-related research projects.

Website Revamp, Grant Announcements Coming Shortly

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on November 14, 2011 | SRF Education

At some point in the next few weeks, the Academic Initiative's section of will begin to look dramatically different, as our subsite undergoes its first-ever major revision. The planning for this website is complete, as is the Initiative's new logo, which the site will display.