SENS Research Foundation Launches 2017 Year End Campaign

SENS Research Foundation's year-end fundraising goal this year is $250,000. Your contributions to this campaign are critical for SENS Research Foundation's financial health. We use these year-end donations to support our research programs both at the SENS Research Foundation Research Center in Mountain View, as well as our programs at Yale, the Buck Institute, the Babraham Institute, and Oxford.

This year, we're doing something a little different in order to show our appreciation for our donors. If you contribute $250 or more between October 15th and December 31st, you will receive a SENS Research Foundation t-shirt just like the ones worn by our team. Donate $500 or more, and you will receive a SENS Research Foundation Polo shirt. Donations should be made by check, Paypal, stock, or Bitcoin. Donors will be contacted for their shipping address after the donation is received. Limit 1 shirt per donor. Shirts are available in unisex Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.

Please help us reach our $250,000 goal by donating generously today! Remember, your support is crucial to our continued fight against age-related disease. Anyone interested in offering a challenge grant for Giving Tuesday – November 28th – please contact

Donor Prize Draws

On November 30th and December 31st, we will be drawing two winners from among all the donors who gave during that month. In each of these monthly drawings, one donor will receive a new long sleeve SENS t-shirt (pictured above), and the other will receive a polo shirt in their size.

2017 Fight Aging! Year End Campaign:
Become an SRF Patron and Your Donation will be Matched All Year

This year Fight Aging! asks you to consider joining the ranks of the SRF Patrons, a special group of supporters willing to take the next step in their commitment to fighting age-related disease. To become a Patron, simply sign up for a recurring monthly donation to SENS Research Foundation, and then keep your regular contributions going until the job is done and the first rejuvenation therapies are deployed. It's easy, it's tax-deductible, and as a nonprofit organization, SRF relies on not just large sporadic donations (though we definitely always appreciate those!), but on having a consistent income stream to support day-to-day operations in the service of research, education, and outreach. Patrons will be eligible for the T-shirt award as well*.

As an incentive, Fight Aging! will match the donations of anyone who signs up as a monthly donor between October 15th and December 31st, up to $3,000 per month. Our thanks to Reason, Josh Triplett, and Christophe Cornuéjols for providing this funding. You can follow our progress on our homepage. To set up your monthly donation subscription, see the box below.

* Limit 1 shirt per donor

Thank you for considering a donation to SENS Research Foundation. Your support will help us in our mission to research, develop and promote comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for the diseases and disabilities of aging.

SENS Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations from residents of the USA are fully deductible as a charitable contribution.

I live in Europe, can I make a tax-exempt donation?


Donors in Europe

SRF is now able to accept tax-exempt donations from citizens of many European countries via Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). TGE's network enables you to donate to their partner charity in your own country, which will issue you a donation receipt for tax purposes and transfer the funds onward to our sister organisation SENS Foundation Europe.

Please note that TGE charges a 5% service fee. EU donors who wish to maximize the funds received by SRF may want to consider this in light of their own tax situation.

SENS Foundation Europe is already an approved beneficiary for residents of twelve countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. Click here for information on the local partner in your country.

TGE requires a confirmed local donor before we can file for approval in each country, so if you live in one of the six other nations with an existing TGE partner charity - Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, or Slovakia - please get in touch so we can set things up for you!

Whenever you make a donation via TGE, we'd be grateful if you could email the details (your name, country, and amount) to Jerri Barrett for our records.

Donors in the UK can make a tax-exempt donation directly to our sister organization, SENS Foundation Europe:

Darren Reynolds
SENS Foundation Europe, Suite 310
2 Empire Way
BB12 6HA
United Kingdom

For bank transfer details, contact Darren Reynolds. Please note that your donation is restricted for use by SENS Research Foundation.